Tom, also known as Agent T or Thomas, was one of the main CRU agents until Cupid charmed him and he changed his ways.

He is in love with a sphinx named Alexis.


Tom worked with the Central Research Unit for some time, dealing with aliens and anything out of the ordinary, until Emily Jacobs and Pegasus came into his life and gradually changed everything.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Agent T has short brown hair and crystal blue eyes. He was once human, then for a short time was a tree, and then finally got turned into a sphinx.


As a CRU agent, Tom was fearless, ruthless, cunning and arrogant. However, when Cupid charmed him he started to feel some sympathy for others, although he could still be arrogant at times. During Pegasus and the New Olympians, the third book of the Pegasus series, he slowly became friendlier towards Emily, Pegasus and their friends, particularly to Alexis the Sphinx. At the end of the book, he lost his heart to Alexis and developed a new warm and friendly personality.