Some attributes
First She was first moved inside an unknown virgin girl not long after the first war with the Titans.
Second The first girl we know of that contained Riza is Emily Jacobs.
Third The only other girl that we know of that contained Riza was Lorin the Titan.
Other attributes
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Riza is a creature known as a Xan. The Xan existed before the gods and even Titans themselves.


Her kind, the Xan, are the most powerful beings in existence. They created their own world, Xanadu, and can expand it at will. They rescue creatures that were inhabitants of dying planets and bring them to their own world. And they are truly immortal. Unlike the gods, there is no possible way for a full Xan to die.

When Riza arrived at the place where her fellow Xan were to release themselves into the cosmos, she found they had gone on without her. She couldn't bear to be the last Xan on Xanadu and so she tried to follow them alone and failed. Her body turned to glass and scattered across the worlds.

Some of her stayed on Xanadu. Other shards were found on Earth, Olympus, and Titus. The one that hit Titus contained most of Riza's powers. Lorin the Titan received that shard. The shard that hit Olympus became known as the Flame of Olympus. It had Riza's consciousness and some of Riza's powers.

The Olympians built a temple around the shard that landed on Olympus, The Temple of the Flame. They discovered without the Flame they were greatly weakened. The Flame gave them power. For safety, the Olympians took some of the Flame and put its power in a girl just being born. When that girl died, it passed on to another girl. The girls that possessed the Flame became known as 'Daughters of Vesta'.

When the physical Flame on Olympus was extinguished, the girl currently holding the Flame, Emily Jacobs, sacrificed herself to relight it. It was believed she would die when she did that, but instead, her mortality only burned away. She began harnessing the powers that were inside that shard.

Another shard was found on Earth in the Diamond Head. It contained Riza's memories. After Emily consumed the shard on Earth and made peace with Lorin, Riza's father was able to take the shards from the two girls and give Riza her body, powers, and memories back. Riza chose to stay with the gods instead of going back with her father to rejoin her fellow Xan saying she had been among them too long to part with them.

With the way the book series ended, we can guess Riza and Emily are eternally working together to save creatures on dying planets and traveling the cosmos.


Riza was described as beautiful. Noticeable features include:

-Riza is bald


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