Vital statistics
Title God of the Underworld
Name Pluto
Home Olympus
Gender Male
Family Saturn (father)
Ops (mother)
Terra (grandmother)
Uranus (grandfather)
Jupiter and Neptune (brothers)
Juno, Ceres and Vesta (sisters)
Mars, Vulcan, Apollo, Mercury, Hercules, Perseus, Pegasus and Chrysaor (nephews)
Diana and Minerva (nieces)
Proserpina (wife)
Friends Emily Jacobs, Joel DeSilva, Paelen, Nirads
Enemies Nirads (formally), CRU, Titans
Status Alive
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Pluto is an Olympian in the Pegasus series. He is the brother of Jupiter, Neptune, Juno, Ceres, and Vesta, the husband of Proserpina and the God of the Underworld.

Pegasus and the Fight for OlympusEdit

Pluto is seen briefly near the end of book along with the other Olympians attending a banquet to mark the union of the Olympias and Nirads.

Pegasus and the New OlympiansEdit

It is mentioned that Pluto rules over Olympus at night, which inspired the Underworld in mythology.

Pluto is later seen with Diana and Steve Jacobs when Emily believes that a racehorse named Tornado Warning is a clone of Pegasus created by the CRU, who could possibly clone the other Olympians and Nirads to make an army to take over the world. Hearing this, Pluto tells Emily that if this statement is true, then the Olympians would have no recourse but to destroy Earth as development of creatures made from Olympian blood cannot be tolerated. However he agreed that Emily, Pegasus, Joel and Paelen should go to Earth to check if the CRU were making clones.

The following night, Pluto and Diana wait at the Temple of the Flame for Emily, Steve and Pegasus to arrive. It is agreed that Diana and Steve will distract Jupiter with a fabricated story of Emily visiting the Nirad world so she, Pegasus, Joel and Paelen could travel to Earth without causing suspicion. Pluto produces his helm of darkness and tells the group that it is for Alexis, who will be joining the group on their journey, much to Emily's annoyance.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Pluto is described as having skin as pale as parchment with intense eyes as black as the night sky.