Olympian Gold was a metal used by Vulcan to craft items and weapons. IT first appeared in Pegasus and the Flame.

It was known to be deadly to Nirads, who would be poisoned if they touched something made from the metal.

Pegasus once wore a bridle made from Olympian Gold, but it was later taken apart so Emily Jacobs, Diana, Joel DeSilva and Paelen could use a piece to protect themselves from the Nirads.

After having her leg injured by a Nirad, Vulcan made Emily a leg brace out of Olympian Gold. However, this was later taken from her by the Gorgons, who had enslaved the Nirads and forced them to attack Olympus. The roof of the cage Queen Segan was imprisioned in was also made from the metal.

After the Gorgons were defeated and the Nirads had made peace with the Olympians, Vulcan made Emily a new leg brace, which unlike her previous one, was made of Olympian Silver (which is harmless to Nirads). After the union of the Olympians and Nirads, Vulcan gave up using Olympian Gold.