Statue of Neptune

Neptune is a character in the Pegasus series. He is the son of Cronos, the brother of Jupiter, Pluto, Ceres, Juno and Vesta, the father of Pegasus and Chrysaor and is the god of the sea.

History Edit

Neptune like his siblings, was a prisoner in Tartarus by their father, Cronos, and the other Titans.

One day, his brother, Jupiter, escaped from released him and the other prisoners, starting a war against the Titans.

They defeated the Titans with the help of Emily Jacobs and her friends.

Appearance Edit

Neptune is described as similar to Santa Claus, he is very muscular and have a beard similar to his brother Jupiter.

Most of the time he is with his trident, a spear with three tips.

Neptune have gray's eyes with the color of the sea in a storm day.

Personality Edit

Neptune is more impulsive than Jupiter, when Emily, Pegasus and the other came to help in the Titan war, Neptune mistakenly believed that they were allies of the Titans and attacked his own son, Pegasus.

In other hand, he is nice, calm, respectful and playfull , but can go mad quickly when his family is threatened.

Power and Abilities Edit

Neptune was among the most powerful of the Olympian gods, second only to his brother, Jupiter and (possibly) equal or superior to his other brother, Pluto.

Eco-Hydrokinesis: Neptune is the master of the water element. During the invasion of Las Vegas, Neptune manipulate the water in the entire city.

Immortality - As a god, he is immortal and can live forever. Like his brothers and the other Olympians, Neptune doesn't age.

Solar power: Like his brothers, Jupiter and Pluto, Neptune can manipulate the solar power.

Superhuman Strength: Neptune is stronger than any normal human.

Superhuman Stamina: Neptune's energy and vigor in combat is far greater than that of mortal men, enough to fight the Titans, Giants and dragons.