Chrysaor is the son of Neptune the God of the Sea and the gorgon Medusa, the twin brother of Pegasus, the nephew of Stheno and Euryale and a antagonist turned supporting character in the Pegasus series.

Unlike his brother, Chrysaor resembles a boar with wings.

Pegasus and the Fight for OlympusEdit

Chrysaor along with several Nirads storm The Red Apple and capture Emily Jacobs (who is the current host of the Flame of Olympus) and Pegasus and bring them to the Nirad world, though not before he battles Pegasus. During the journey, Chrysaor brushes against Emily to use her powers to heal his injuries. He brings the two before his aunts Stheno and Euryale (who were responsible for the Nirads attacking Olympus) who wish to have Emily use her powers to kill Jupiter as vengeance for his son Perseus killing Medusa.

However soon after, the Gorgons betray Chrysaor and turn him to stone. Later, Emily strokes the now statue and discovers that she can restore the victims of the Gorgons back to life. After restoring Chrysaor, Emily sends him and her friend Joel DeSilva to Olympus to warn Jupiter about the Gorgons' plan. However, upon arriving there, they find no other Olympians besides Paelen (who had returned to Olympus to get nectar and ambrosia).

Chrysaor then returns to the Nirad world with Joel, Paelen, Cupid and Steve Jacobs.

After the Nirads rebelled against Stheno and Euryale, Chrysaor joined the battle, only to be turned to stone again. He along with the other victims of the Gorgons, was restored by Emily.

Pegasus and the New OlympiansEdit

Chrysoar is seen taking part in the first Inter-Olympian football game where he is a player for The Solar Streamers, the same team as Joel, Paelen and Pegasus.

He later joins Emily, Paelen, Joel, Pegasus and Alexis in travelling to Earth to see if a racehorse named Tornado Warning is a clone of Pegasus.


  • Before meeting Chrysaor and seeing his appearance, Joel believed that he was a giant.