Alexis is a deadly Sphinx who used to guard the trail to Thebes. Now she lives happily in Olympus with Tom, a willow tree.


When Alexis guarded the trail to Thebes, she challenged anyone who approached with a riddle and if they got the answer wrong, she would kill and sometimes even eat them, by unhinging her jaw, eyes black. She was only ever defeated once, when Oedipus guessed the correct answer to one of her riddles, and after that she returned to Olympus.

She is a favourite of Juno.

Pegasus and the New OlympiansEdit

Alexis is seen serving as a goalkeeper at a football match on Olympus where she playfully kisses Joel and teased Emily about being jealous of her.

A few days later, Alexis is tasked to join Emily, Joel ,Pegasus,Chrysaor and Paelen as they travel to Earth to see if a racehorse named Tornado Warning is a clone of Pegasus created by the CRU as she is powers which could help. Pluto gives Alexis his helm of darkness to borrow whilst on Earth.

Physical appearanceEdit

Alexis is a Sphinx. She has a lion's body, eagle's wings and serpent's tail, with the head and upper body of a young woman that has green eyes and raven hair.

She also has two sets out teeth; her talking teeth and her eating teeth.


she is brave,intellegent,compationet and clever